Friday, February 1, 2008


Boarding one of the Nigerian buses You need to know what pple face when they get into the mess of public transport Apart from a taxi, there’s lots of irritability accompanied by hostile environment. You need to be smart and look tough. Sometimes you board a bus very hungry and the smell of local food (yam and pepper) you perceive …and you hate to swallow but you don’t wanna vomit now!! You just have to swallow! Yak! Well how about the time where you are the last person to enter the bus and you get to seat near the door. This is another awful especially when you are the slimmest on the row. Use your normal accent and they would all be gazing as if white angel from heaven just appeared. In other to avoid attention you then say “abeg! Shift” but there’s one thing you can’t hide you accent, they move but they still get to look for the tiny voice that said “so” How about the time I got to seat near a fat woman and I was sardined between her and the wall of the bus. As if that was not enough she had this dirty baby. I mean I love kids but this one I mean was extremely dirty. Oh! You think it can’t be that bad. Let me give you a detailed hint: no clothes on, no dippers only a dirty panty( this is dangerous, the baby can poo and pea at any time), mucous all over the nose dripping down to the mouth, the baby licks the mucous ,touches it too and touches every other person around. How about that? but it wasn’t funny that day! The woman uses her hand to wipe of the mucus from the baby’s nose and then robs her hand on her cloth. Ha! I try to put ma head outside the window and see how far my nearest bus-stop is. The woman and her kid begin to play and she’s amused at the sounds her baby makes. She smiles at me at her own amusement and I am so not in the mood but I don’t be to “what’s the word” should I day wicked or snobbish or unfriendly or…whatever. I try to smile by raising only one cheek up. The baby now try’s to pull ma hair, tries to touch ma hearings. The baby is not even afraid of adult “yeah!! Which kind wahala be this” I gatta do something. Okay here goes, the dirty baby tries to touch me again and this time I shrug gently and I made sure the mother notice. I then sigh uncomfortably and loud. Lol...this time it worked and the woman held and prevented her baby each time she tries to touch me! Thank God my bus-stop. bye bye dirty baby or sucker .yes now she sucks ……….lol I mean sucks her…whatever. Triumph This is just part one


Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwwww!!! That mother should be arrested and her bbay be taken away from her. No clothes/diapers? Tufiaaaa!!!!! GRR!!! Never come across such a thing in 9ja oh!! Must be a Lagos thing (see me trying to yab..hahahaha) Thank God the woman grabbed sha..and your b/stop was close. If na me I for come down since o, my b/stop or not.:((

Iyalode said...

hahahaha, i know this can imagine ..lmfao

jaynnet said...