Thursday, February 21, 2008

can u...pleasure

see...u know one thing i get to see everyday
onething i get to acknowlegde more and more

its how to deny yourself of what gives you pleasure,relationships,internet,game and so on
its prettty hard but it works for me
ok ok
y would you want to deny yourself of such lovely feelings and liberty if i may say especially when it comes to you men!!
ok there's this saying...that too much of everything aint good...
thats so true
we know it aint right to get addicted to anything you like or gives ur body pleasure
cos the consequences thereof aint good!!!
when those things arent do we then handle...yes handle the situation..and most of all ,handle yourself!!! how?
it(ur continual pleasure) would start some embarrassing habits you might not be able to get rid of,
note that every pleasurable thing that you get addicted to would also give you a lump...i mean develop another character that you cant avoid which becomes your weakness

in other words every addicted thing you like equals a nasty habit that would grow beyond your you agree with me,

now now!
how do we overcome such ,especially to those of us that has developed a bad habit!!!!!!
you have to be AGRRRESIVE
yes AGGRESSIVE internally against ur weaknesses

ok let me deal with those of us that hasnt yet developed a weakness to the things we love..sorry i mean develop a bad habit/embarrasing habit towards our continual selfish satisfaction!

am inspired today because of the guy i met properly and better today!!!!
i have always seen him from afar and never really noticed him Until some friends made me
and i only saw him properly when i got to talk with him
this brilliant chap said he cant do without his breakfast!! and he can never forget it...that em! he wont be comfortable throughout the day...he wont smile and bladiblah!!

men ! i asked if he cld fast! he said no
ohh! i felt bitter !! y wld such a brilliant chap like this not know the implication of doing without some life(YOU ARe not to make ur pleasure,ur way of life..if you do not want to be addicted)!!i know oneday he might read this..just incase you inspired me!!!kkkk

i told him to........ok lemmebreak this and make a part2..i gat to go now!!!
part2 next week

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