Monday, September 1, 2008



jeesh you can imagine this topic go on and on in the nigerian circle.
chai!! it is one of those times when you are nearly defenceless about your on going club but yet again thats why I love the word "unpredictable"its what my club is all about.They rise they of those things about a big club..if they aint falling somewhere they aint rising..right now my club as made one of the biggest mistake of selling off the key players..f and d..They all make it seem as if its a game and they can just do what they feel..I know its a game but not a game "game"where you make decisions that can affect your fans and other people involved.Like I said my club is unpredictable..lets see how they would rise and play the joker ..yes nau..Thats how it seems when manchester,chelsea and some other popular club is in the story line again.I hope I come back to give you updates on how my club will maneuver his way this time
oh yes wondering!! gunners babe!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


....abi o can you imagine..just like iyalode..there's so much that have gone on ...cant remember all
thank you iyalode for reminding me jareh in away

....since am the only one that re-located,things have been different,I get to see another side of lagos very well from this angle and its fun but kai the transport is something else ...

Anyway this my new area is close to my childhood area "gbagada"and it reminds me of those great times.I even met my secondary school crush yesterday.
Thank God baba that I was wearing serious high heels cos men! despite the heels I still felt short ..The guy is tall men!
He is still the clown that he used to be ,very funny but in a more matured way now and I made him mind me I just make guys blush and dont ask me how !!
I can see that I f I am not careful ,he might fall in luv again but never mind I wld use my lady power to shift back and not cause any luv alarm cos number1)he has a gurlfriend,number2}I wldnt wanna take anybody's man3}cause cause its wrong
so I would just keep my distance simple even if He is asking for more
I remembered someone on nijacircle saying how men luv looking at cleavages and they luv the glancing ..boi oh boi..I caught him looking at some gurl's cleavage and he quickly snapped back to what we were composure was not well the guy that belongs to the decent kinda guy levels,anyway I guess its yet to see a guy that wld say no to not liking the stare..of cos there is now...

!Anyway this new area makes me look as if I am one celebrity being that am new again(another story)every one wants to talk wif me and listens to everything I say to anybody around,they are so inquisitive,they want to hear my voice,they want to my face everytime ,one was even desperate..strwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!
lol..its one of those things..right now I dont feel like making any friend around the vicinity..I just wanna take my time,they are mostly youths and I dont want some baby lively brain talking and influencing my own baby brain ,I want matured pple jareh and I if I wld befriend the babybrains..It wld be to teach them..such is life

I cant even remember what I wanted to type again but I wld sure keep yah inform cos I wanna go and chop shikken now(and dont mind the mistakes I cant cross check) don tey wey I don chop this kinda spice chiken..come and eat sha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

some life

chai! My weekend was hilarious men!
not that hilarious but in my own little mind and world

I had this visitors that I was to prepare for and seems to me that these my visitors life is
pretty different from my own life
They have the life of a late night out,clubbing and sortoff,
hey its not like..Its this and that...I Just dont like clubbing for anything except my husband and I have a dance presentation to touch but I can mingle with anybody of anykind as far as I cant get influenced,as far as you cant change my way of life..cos you cant..
anyway my family prepared for them own visitors oh!
It was all good anyway
I remember this female friend I had who is not so wild but she mingles alot limit..mingles with anybody..I remember how she says she uses her guts when peeps or so gets very close to her,how she excercises like using her guts
I dont want to give anybody a different perspective of who I am but I want you to take me for who I am and appreciate me like that..I wont mingle with you and present another me ,more like a fake me...Well i did sumfn I ve never done b4 with some one I barely know...should I say it wasnt me or should I say its another life...gush I still cant help but remember that weekend...Just not me..I felt matured..then l8r felt stupid and then gave glory to God.....Its just that what I did potrayed another image entirely

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brief thorns among roses

I remembered sumfns
of howI grew up getting everything I wanted and how I never lacked anything
Yup! but now I have come to learn that life is not a bed full of roses but mixed with thorns
humans would tell yah ,"you cant always have what you wanted"
You know ! believe it or not ! I have come to thank God for allowing the thorns to spring up in the 1st place.
without this thorns,I wld not have appreciated and known the facts i Ought to.
Sometimes I try to justify myself by saying "but lord,you know I wasnt proud when it was all rosie,Why should It be like this now"Ah well God knows best and why he made you go through the things you did.I keep asking myself ,what if I passed here and there,How wld it have been..
well I bless his holy name for sum things.
I see where he is taking me ...rsi(rerin si ita)to places far beyond my imagination
Doesnt it surpise you of how the richest men tale of the past went..How dey talked about the past and what they are now..Its all for good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

inspirational friends..its amazing

Now ,not quite long I read iyalode's blog and I felt the need to write and update my blog.
Thank you naughty gurl but loving

Anyway its so amazing how you meet nice people on net especially when you didnt go on net just to meet people for fun.
Its amazing how you meet special people that gives you their trust and you feel mutual about it..
Its amazing how many of them has touched me spiritually,physically,emotionally even materially..yea and its all positive
You know ..In the past years ,people were afraid of people on net when it comes to the truth because its usually very dangeous..I guess it just happened to people who dont use their heart but their head.

Its good to be good men! cos yo would reap what yah so
I keep telling a friend that...I dunno kind people still exist..
Its not that I meant it as it sounds
Its just that Its makes me happy that there still sumfn,someone out there to encourage yah to keep being kind
The internet...Its good! oh
It has made communication fast and good
Its done more good than harm to me not because am Good but because God wills
I dont know whats your own experience but I sure love all my friends...Gods other way of distributing his precious love..You guys are the true creature of the maker
You er fearfully and wonderfully made
from the humourous to
the hearted
to the humorous again
to the fatherly
To the brotherly
to the more than a friend
May God bless yall
luv yah
peace..Its so amazing

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

for daddy!!

who is like unto thee

your love is my back up

thats why I can stand

thats the foundation of my smile

in times of trouble

Jesus where would i be

If not for your Amazing grace

your sustaining grace

and most of all your love

which encompasses all

who is like unto thee

no one daddy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

your relationship

are you in a relationship?
if you er,have you ever ask yourself would i feel if i leave this relationship,how would i feel if i step out of this relationship...can i really do without this person at this moment....
have you asked yourself?
life is complicated and this can bring about confusion that is if you really wanna ask yourself
if you dont know,take a short break in your relationship and see if you guys would permanently break up or even come back to love each other more..if you er willing,then you wld learn lessons ,,,,,bitter and sweet!
and er! dont worry,it worths it ..dont leave your question saves ur time man in order to move on for the next level and to know whether you are standing in the right part!!