Tuesday, July 8, 2008

some life

chai! My weekend was hilarious men!
not that hilarious but in my own little mind and world

I had this visitors that I was to prepare for and seems to me that these my visitors life is
pretty different from my own life
They have the life of a late night out,clubbing and sortoff,
hey its not like..Its this and that...I Just dont like clubbing for anything except ..lol..with my husband and I have a dance presentation to touch lifes..lol. but I can mingle with anybody of anykind as far as I cant get influenced,as far as you cant change my way of life..cos you cant..
anyway my family prepared for them self..lol..My own visitors oh!
It was all good anyway
I remember this female friend I had who is not so wild but she mingles alot ..no limit..mingles with anybody..I remember how she says she uses her guts when peeps or so gets very close to her,how she excercises control..lol..more like using her guts
I dont want to give anybody a different perspective of who I am but I want you to take me for who I am and appreciate me like that..I wont mingle with you and present another me ,more like a fake me...Well i did sumfn I ve never done b4 with some one I barely know...should I say it wasnt me or should I say its another life...gush I still cant help but remember that weekend...Just not me..I felt matured..then l8r felt stupid and then gave glory to God.....Its just that what I did potrayed another image entirely


Iyalode said...

what did you do?

oh and i get the whole letting people accept you for who you are thing.
i could have thought i was writing all these.

once again what did you do? i can imagine 101 things already :p

jaynnet said...

lol gurl...
well,lets just say I cuddled a stranger and acted as if it was normal ...a cuddle that I wont even do with my bf at early stage if i had one .
there is nothing there but its not just me..my nija mentality