Wednesday, August 6, 2008


....abi o can you imagine..just like iyalode..there's so much that have gone on ...cant remember all
thank you iyalode for reminding me jareh in away

....since am the only one that re-located,things have been different,I get to see another side of lagos very well from this angle and its fun but kai the transport is something else ...

Anyway this my new area is close to my childhood area "gbagada"and it reminds me of those great times.I even met my secondary school crush yesterday.
Thank God baba that I was wearing serious high heels cos men! despite the heels I still felt short ..The guy is tall men!
He is still the clown that he used to be ,very funny but in a more matured way now and I made him mind me I just make guys blush and dont ask me how !!
I can see that I f I am not careful ,he might fall in luv again but never mind I wld use my lady power to shift back and not cause any luv alarm cos number1)he has a gurlfriend,number2}I wldnt wanna take anybody's man3}cause cause its wrong
so I would just keep my distance simple even if He is asking for more
I remembered someone on nijacircle saying how men luv looking at cleavages and they luv the glancing ..boi oh boi..I caught him looking at some gurl's cleavage and he quickly snapped back to what we were composure was not well the guy that belongs to the decent kinda guy levels,anyway I guess its yet to see a guy that wld say no to not liking the stare..of cos there is now...

!Anyway this new area makes me look as if I am one celebrity being that am new again(another story)every one wants to talk wif me and listens to everything I say to anybody around,they are so inquisitive,they want to hear my voice,they want to my face everytime ,one was even desperate..strwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!
lol..its one of those things..right now I dont feel like making any friend around the vicinity..I just wanna take my time,they are mostly youths and I dont want some baby lively brain talking and influencing my own baby brain ,I want matured pple jareh and I if I wld befriend the babybrains..It wld be to teach them..such is life

I cant even remember what I wanted to type again but I wld sure keep yah inform cos I wanna go and chop shikken now(and dont mind the mistakes I cant cross check) don tey wey I don chop this kinda spice chiken..come and eat sha!


Iyalode said...

lol @ high heel..short girls rawk!!! :D.... hmnnnnnn...Mr. Crush :D

dont mind the guys jare, they love the stare and at the same time complain that girls are no longer decent..chei!!! i dont blame them anyway..

i hate it when some sample dry and stretched mark filled

stop teasing us with chicken jor :p

jaynnet said...

lOl..damy I cant even laugh again!!