Wednesday, June 25, 2008

inspirational friends..its amazing

Now ,not quite long I read iyalode's blog and I felt the need to write and update my blog.
Thank you naughty gurl but loving

Anyway its so amazing how you meet nice people on net especially when you didnt go on net just to meet people for fun.
Its amazing how you meet special people that gives you their trust and you feel mutual about it..
Its amazing how many of them has touched me spiritually,physically,emotionally even materially..yea and its all positive
You know ..In the past years ,people were afraid of people on net when it comes to the truth because its usually very dangeous..I guess it just happened to people who dont use their heart but their head.

Its good to be good men! cos yo would reap what yah so
I keep telling a friend that...I dunno kind people still exist..
Its not that I meant it as it sounds
Its just that Its makes me happy that there still sumfn,someone out there to encourage yah to keep being kind
The internet...Its good! oh
It has made communication fast and good
Its done more good than harm to me not because am Good but because God wills
I dont know whats your own experience but I sure love all my friends...Gods other way of distributing his precious love..You guys are the true creature of the maker
You er fearfully and wonderfully made
from the humourous to
the hearted
to the humorous again
to the fatherly
To the brotherly
to the more than a friend
May God bless yall
luv yah
peace..Its so amazing

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Iyalode said...

awwwwww that is so touching :)
you are a sweetheart you know
glad to have met you :)

FF( friends forever)